Welcome to my e-portfolio, readers! My name is Kaitlin Schuler and I’m a sophomore at the University of Michigan. For more about my life outside of my writing, click on the About tab above. Now onto my portfolio.

The purpose of this portfolio is to showcase my writing pieces, covering everything from professional to academic to creative works. It was created mainly for my Minor in Writing Gateway course, and features our three main projects: Why I Write, Re-purposing, and Remediation. I spent a great deal of time with all of the pieces I have on this site and I am proud to finally put them up for others to see. I would love any feedback readers have for me! I’m always ready to revise over and over to make my work even better.

Everything is organized into the tabs above. Each section has a short introduction paragraph if you click on the main tab, and then links to the corresponding pieces fall in the drop-down menu. Click on this link to view blog posts I created as a requirement for my Minor in Writing course. I hope these pieces will help you learn more about me and, more importantly, realize more about yourself through some of the issues I address.

Please enjoy, and thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio!

Let me know what you think!

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